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42% of fallback recovery strategies are useless

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British companies are still ill-prepared for downtime and unexpected outage, ControlCircle informs.

A recent survey of 100 Presidents / Chief Operating Officers / Heads of IT Departments revealed that, while 90% have a strategy, only 46% checked and tested their business continuity procedures in the past 12 months. 42% either do not have a strategy or they are not sure when it was tested last time. Approximately 50% of strategies last 2 years or more.

In addition, more than 50% said that the system recovery after a crash or failure would take a few hours. Over third of respondents admitted that it took more than 24 hours to get everything back to normal mode.

"No matter how shocking these results are, they comport with our anecdotal talks and researches of many today's organizations," - said Carmen Carrie, the president of ControlCircle. "Most organizations think that fallback recovery cost a sight of money, whereas in fact l the loss coming from downtime is incommensurable more. Imagine, how much damage your company will sustain over a three-day downtime."

"Companies need to look to minutes, not hours, especially now when so many companies have their representation on the network."

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