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5 Ways You Lose Data

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We all know how horrible it is to lose data. Whether it’s due to an error with the hardware or a PEBKAC Error, the end result is the same (though some data loss causes result in more hair loss than others.) I will admit that I have accidentally formatted computers without backing up first, and lost pictures that could never be replaced. Of course, that was many, many years ago, and that hard drive is long gone.

While we can recover your lost files, no matter what the cause of the loss was, understanding what causes file loss can help you avoid losing critical data. There are four main categories of data loss: Hardware Malfunctions, Environmental Factor, Software Error or Corruption, and Human Error.

Hardware Malfunction

Hardware malfunction can occur for a variety of reasons. Usually, when hardware malfunctions, it results in data loss. Often, hardware malfunctions occur as the hardware ages, and is unavoidable. Hardware malfunctions can be due to physical mishandling. Always be sure to power down your computer or drive before moving it.

  • Hard Drive Head Crash

  • Faulty Hard Drive Clusters

  • Hard Drive Firmware Error

  • SSD Failure

  • Flash Drive Failure

Environmental Factors (Natural Disaster)

Whether you have a 5 yr old that makes it look like your house has withstood a tornado, or your computer sustains damage from a real tornado, environmental factors are a big reason for data loss. To limit environmental damage that leads to data loss, ensure you store your computer or drive in an out-of-the place that is not likely to be hit, jarred, or physically damaged. Ensure that you do not expose your media to extreme temperatures, and watch out of unexpected sources of water (like an air conditioner).

  • Physical Damage

  • Water Damage

  • Smoke or Fire Damage

  • Power Surges or Failures

  • Static Electricity

Software Error or Corruption

We’ve all been victim of a program that crashes or the dreaded BSOD. An unexpected shut down can easily lead to data loss. Virus and malware are another common software related reasons for data loss. To ensure that you do not lose data for software related reasons, ensure that you keep your OS and programs up-to-date, and you always use an antivirus / firewall program to protect against virus and malware.

  • OS Error

  • Program Error

  • Virus

  • Malware

Human Errors

The last, but certainly not least, of the catagories for data loss is human error. Whether we do something accidentally, purposely, or neglectfully that causes data loss, human error is often the (unacknowledged) cause of data loss. If you’ve caused the loss of your data, don’t worry, we can still recover it. And we promise, you don’t even have to tell us it was your fault. We know it was the dog’s fault.

  • Neglecting Backups

  • Neglecting Fault Alerts

  • Accidental Deletion or Formatting

  • Unsafe Device Removal

  • Closing an Unsaved File

Getting Your Data Back

If you’ve lost your data, don’t fret, we can help. But here are a few tips to help you ensure that your data can be successfully recovered by us:

  1. Stop using the drive immediately.
    Continuing to use a drive that has data you want recovered present, can risk that data being overwritten. Once it is overwritten, the chances of successful recovery drop drastically.

  2. Do not attempt recovery yourself.
    Whether you are using a software program to recover your data (which can risk overwriting the data in the process), or you want to attempt to repair a damaged drive on your own (which will likely lead to irrevocable damage to the drive platters), there are no steps that you can take that won’t risk your data being lost permanently.

  3. Do not attempt software-related errors.
    Defrag, disk scans, and other “fixes” for disks with errors can lead to the lost data being overwritten. (See the recurring theme?)

If you have data you need recovered, call us immediately. We have customer service representatives standing by 24/7 to get your case started right away. We offer free shipping, and free diagnostics. Don’t wait, let us recover your lost data for you today!

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