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Data loss statistics 2013

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b2ap3_thumbnail_pie-diagram.jpgEver increasing scale of data loss in different spheres leads to the requirement to increase different security levels.
There is no doubt that the final result of data loss is economic and psychological. Data loss may occur due to systemic error or human error and both options may lead to uncontrollable situations.

In May 2013 the United States Department of Veterans Affairs suffered an ultimate deletion of 464,000 personal records. The reason behind such massive data loss was a human error as a result of which agency’s records, loans data and other important data were irretrievably lost.

Global studies have shown that…

  • annually over 6% of computers lose data – that is 1.7 million workstations in Europe and 4.6 million computers in the US. Annually data loss does damage to American entrepreneurs in an amount of US $11.8 billion.
  • 30% of entrepreneurs cease their entrepreneurship within a year after data was lost, 70% — within 5 years.
  • 31% of computer users have minimum twice lost ALL data.
  • 60% of entrepreneurs that lost ALL data cease their entrepreneurship within 6 months after data was lost.
  • 93% of companies that have not managed within 10 days to regain access (recover) to lost data suffer bankruptcy. 50% of entrepreneurs left without data for 10 days go bankrupt immediately.
  • According to the analyst from Strategic Research Institute, companies that have not managed to recover data within 10 days usually do not survive.
  • Recovery of one hard disk drive may cost several hundreds or even thousands US dollars and there are no guarantees that data is recoverable.
  • 23% of companies face data backup copy problems.
  • 28% said that they often are not in the position to recover data.
  • 38% of companies say that data recovery takes a lot of time.
  • 58% of companies plan to replace their backup systems to virtual systems in the nearest 24 months.

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