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Data recovery after damage to the hard disk heads

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One of the major types of hard drive failure is damage to the heads. This damage can occur in two variants: the damage is not causing damage to the surface and malicious damage.

Damage to the heads themselves, seen as tapping, nieuruchamianiem the hard drive is standard, the heads should be replaced with efficient and copy the data. Data recovery becomes complicated when the heads are damaged physically.

The heads float above the platters on an air cushion produced a high-speed discs. Any disruption of this condition leads to damage the heads and / or the surface of the plate. Shock or collapse of the hard disk drive heads will hit the plate, which may end up in different ways:

  • impact force is so small that it will not impact the immediate effects, the heads will degrade over time, the surface of the plate at the impact will be impossible to read (badsectors signs)
  • impact will be so strong that a piece of the plate odszczypie, leaving a recess on the surface of the plate, the data from this portion will be obviously illegible, and the head moving over the surface of the fragment damage over time, often violently
  • head damage immediately upon impact with the plate, often taking a break from the pressure, the pressure head without MR element (element reader / writer) will be sawing the plate surface, causing irreversible damage, often impossible to recover data
  • head damage at the time of leaving the plate, taking a break totally or partially from the shoulder, often blocking the parking lot or between the car park and a plate, this state of affairs is often beneficial for the data, because the lock head will not return to the plate and will not be able to scratch

Damage to the head causing the break in the head is usually not a threat to the data. Knocking hard when you change the head usually allow you to copy data. Running the risk of knocking your head tearing the parking and the introduction of the steel pressure head on the surface of the plate, which in turn will lead to irreversible damage to the surface. Some discs with ragged or damaged head do not move out of the plate, and part of the disk without self-diagnosis put pressure on himself, causing scratches to the platter surface.

Hard drive heads damage

The picture of the hard drive heads that were broken during fall. Two of the four heads are damaged. Unfortunately, the damage did not stop the hard disk heads before putting them on a plate. Sliders torn heads and sharp fragments of their attachment to the arm of heads resulted in damage to the surface plates - pressure head, probably bent on parking, sawing the sharp edge of the plate.

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