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Data recovery at iPod and McBook Air

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iPod, just like the other mobile devices with mechanical hard drives, is particularly vulnerable to physical damage and data loss. Music player often acts as a pop-up portable drive, which not only stores music files.

The most common cases of data loss in music players and MacBook's Air are blocked or damaged heads and engine damages as a result of the hard drive fall. Bad sectors are also a problem in the 1.8" drives. Hard drive most often used in iPods and MacBook Air is Toshiba (eg. 30GB MK3008GAL in the pictures) and Samsung (HS082HB, HS122JF / M). The interface of these hard drives is ZIF, micro SATA or LIF.

Case of blocked head on the surface of the plate is formed when an automatic park mechanism did not work, or in the case of hit the head stuck at the plates or between it and the parking ramp. Blocked head makes engine start impossible or VCM mechanism is not able to enter the head on the plate due to bended arm. To recover data it is necessary to restore the efficiency of the heads or changing them into a new one and copying the data. Using hardware and software able to read the damaged hard drives is necessary, because in many cases the surface of the plate was damaged by the head. Copying the damaged area is performed at the end, after areas before and after the point of contact heads with the plate.

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