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Data Recovery from iPhone

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b2ap3_thumbnail_data-recovery-from-iPhone.jpgAny recovery of lost data is quite a complex and long process. That is why, if data you store on your external media is important to you, make sure to backup it to your computer, or, event better, write it to CD or DVD disk and keep it in a safe dry place.

Any electronic device does not last forever, plus there is always a human factor. There is always a chance of unpleasant situation when you or someone else accidentally deletes an important information.

So here we will consider a situation when it is necessary to recover lost data from iPhone. First of all this device is very specific and standard recovery methods are not always applicable to it. First of all you have to resort to tool recommended by the manufacturer.

To create an obligatory backup in form of an image or information snapshot, use iTunes is available on the official web-site of the manufacturer. Please remember that you cannot recover data with iTunes if there is no previous backup image (copy). When recovering with iTunes tools settings, audio and video recordings of the devices are being synchronized. To start the recovery process you need to select “Synch” option for the selected files list.

You can manually recovery data from iPhone device with backup image. For that, press adn hold Control button, click iPhone icon that is located in the left side of iTunes interface, or or right click to access submenu and select “Recover from backup copy”. Important clarification: due to backup limits video clips larger than 2 Gb have to be saved separately.

Backups are kept in iTunes folder, path to which depends on type of installed OS. Features of iTunes restrict backups to one per each device, that is why make sure that it is kept safely.


iTunes folder path in different OS will be the following:

for Windows XP: Documents and Settings => (User name) => Application Data => Apple Computer => MobileSync => Backup

for Mac OS: Libraries => Application Support => MobileSync => Backup

for Windows Vista: Users => (User name) => AppData => Roaming => Apple Computer=> MobileSync => Backup

If no backup has been made and lost data is crucial and you can afford data recovery, then you may ask for professional help to recover your data. If for some reason it is not possible to accomplish, it is recommended to use iPhone Spy Stick – an external USB flash-like drive with a pre-installed special software. Product scope ensures recovery of any lost information on your iPhone, i.e. from calls history and phone-book to photos.

To perform data recovery you simply need to simultaneously connect to OS Windows-installed computer an iPhone to be recovered and USB device iPhone Spy Stick, then launch data recovery program from the drive. Having done that the program will start reading data from your device. After that you need to select data you need and recover them. It should be noted that iPhone Spy Stick is not a cheap device, its price is several hundred dollars.

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