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Gmail users have become a target for knavish password recovery tool

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The clients who tried to recover lost or forgotten passwords for their Gmail accounts, were asked not to use the frequent Gmail Hacker Pro Software, which offers to restore the password for a fee.

Frauds connected with email passwords recovery are not new. But they can appear in various guises, ranging from simple billing fraud which was discovered in DataRetrieval Labs.

Gmail Hacker claims that it can search the hard drive for a lost Gmail account password and give it back for $29,99. And this despite the fact that Google itself offers password recovery using its own service for totally free.

The program "processes" Gmail accounts before charging for the return of the password.

"Obviously, the program is designed to pull the money out of unwitting users, and we would like to save you, our dear reader, from the desire to use its services. We classify the Gmail Hacker Pro as a Trojan named GmailHackerPro.pj! .1 A. ", wrote GFI representatives in their blog.

Such programs have been used before to invite users to hack other people's email accounts, but first required a username and password. Of course, it's a gimmick designed to steal user accounts, and email addresses of all the new contacts were collected to find new victims.

Passwords are not normally held on the computer, unless the browser is configured to autologon to Gmail and Hotmail. In this case, passwords remain on the hard drive. There's where the problems usually start. Users automatically log in, but then, after two or more months, can not remember the password when launching the browser on another computer.

Each browser has its own settings.. In Mozilla, if a user selects password saving, it is supposed to be here: Tools/Options/Security/Saved Passwords.

The safest method is to use the passwords storage systems such as LastPass, which stores usernames locally and online in an encrypted database. In this case, the data will be accessible from any browser with installed plug-in after entering the master password.

You can lose files or e mails from your system for various reasons. Whatever the reason is, Data Retrieval Washington assures you that your data will be recovered.

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