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How to recover the deleted but still opened file in Linux

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If a file was accidentally deleted but it is still opened in any program

(for example is being played in a media player), it can easily be recovered from

file descriptor of the /proc file system

Let's suppose we have accidentally deleted the 1.mp3 file which is still being played in mplayer.

We look for PID of mplayer

   ps -auxwww|grep mplayer
   gosha  17314  3.2  0.4  38680  8908 pts/3  SL+ 00:45 0:00 mplayer 1.mp3

We go to the /proc directory with the process parameters of 17314:

   cd /proc/17314 

The open file descriptors are listed in the fd directory (/proc/17314/fd).

   cd fd
   ls -al

In the output we see the descriptor #4 flagged as deleted.

   lr-x------ 1 gosha gosha 64 2009-02-27 00:48 4 -> /home/gosha/1.mp3 (deleted)

We copy it and get the recovered file:

   cp 4 /home/gosha/1.mp3

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