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Main differences between SSD and HDD

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A lot of people want to know the difference between SSD and HDD and whether replacing HDD with SSD is worth the trouble. Let’s compare characteristics of HDD and SSD (form factor 2.5", interface SATA 6 Gb/s).

Compared features



And SSD is…

Data transfer rate (read)

up to 150 MB/s

up to 550MB/s

up to 3,6 times faster

Data transfer rate (write)

up to 150 MB/s

up to 525MB/s

up to 3,5times faster

Access time (read)

from 3,5 ms

from 0.15ms

up to23times faster

Accesstime (write)

from 3,5 ms


up to14times faster

Moving parts



far more reliable

Operating shock (max)

70 G

1500 G

up to 25 times more reliable

Non-operating shock (max)

350 G

1500 G

up to 4.3 times more reliable

Power consumption (idle)

4 (W)and more

0,5 - 1,3 (W)

up to 8 times more power efficient

Power consumption (Active)

6 (W)and more

0,5 - 3 (W)

up to 12 times more power efficient

Silent mode



absolutely noiseless


from 100g

from 50g

has at least 2 times smaller weight

Non-operating temperature

from -40° to 70° C

from -55° to 95° C

resistant to extreme temperatures





Write IOPS


10 000 cycles

number of write cycles is limited


up to 3 TB

up to 1,5 TB

smaller capacity

Price for 1GB

from 0,06 €

from 1,39 €

higher price

All features of SSD and HDD mentioned in the article are up-to-date at the time of this article writing and can change later on. Nowadays solid-state drives are becoming cheaper (within a year they fell in price almost twice). The endurance of memory chips increases thus prolonging their lifetime.

SSD storage capacity increases too. This makes solid-state drive more and more attractive for buyers. At present, speed indicators are limited by the data transfer interface SATA III (6 Gb/s). However the market offers storage devices with PCIe interface which are several times faster.

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