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Freezing your hard drive to recover data

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b2ap3_thumbnail_iStock_000007935183XSmall.jpgIt is an extraordinary way to recover user data from hard drive. All you need to do is to shove your failed hard drive into the freezer for a day and then it will work for approximately 20 minutes or maybe even for half an hour. In all likelihood that will be enough for you to copy all the important data you require. It was once done by data recovery enthusiast from New York and he argues that the disk was alive after he took it out from the freezer.

After searching the web for similar experiments, to my surprise I found quite a lot of blog, forum comments claiming that this extraordinary method is a kind of panacea to successful data recovery. They say that in any way it won’t get worse since your hard drive is already dead :)

They also say that before putting hard drive in the freezer it is better to put it into something like ziplock or plastic bag to prevent condensation. One of the blog commentators wrote that when he removed his hard drive from the freezer it was completely covered with ice and when it had slightly melted it still worked.

Some of the users developed the topic even further by trying to suggest the best ways of connecting hard drive without removing it from freezer. Good luck folks!

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