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RAW File Ssystem … or disk doesn’t open story

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b2ap3_thumbnail_iStock_000010798014XSmall_20130523-104456_1.jpgAnd yet again I have a failed drive.

This time its 600 Gb and it doesn’t open.

I turn on computer, try to check information on the second HDD and see an inscription (though the Windows is installed on another disk, thanks God!), - “The disk has not been formatted, format it now?”.

So I check the partition properties and see the following picture – instead of file system ntfs raw format!

There was no limit to my outrage!!! But that was the fact that had to be dealt with...

Sad, the drive was full of my videos from personal camera and I don’t have another 600 Gb hard drive to recover data...
And again another fight with Windows and HDD manufacturers, again curing hard drive RAW. :)

Let the HDD recovery begin!

First of all I will try standard HDD recovery methods, including curing HDD RAW, checking HDD for errors in Windows recovery mode with the following commands:

“chkdsk /p” or “chkdsk /f” – checking disk for errors (errors get corrected on HDD), (key “/f” is used in case if you booted from Windows LiveCD)
“fixboot” – boot sector recovery
“fixmbr” - Master Boot Records recovery from backup copy

The result of my efforts is the same – Windows in RAW format mode, (raw file system)

After a moment’s consideration I took TestDisk program. Then I performed fast disk scan and saved all information. effect:(

Repeated detailed disk scan and again detected lost format, save… no result.

Then I go to BOOT recovery, make save from boot copy to main sector and...After reboot Windows sees many errors on HDD, then corrects them for 3-4 hours and – THE MIRACLE!!! Disk partition is again NTFS!

All data on board and I am happy!!!

Wish same to you!

P.S. All the information on how to work with TestDisk if available at program’s official site!

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