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What hard drives have more chances of recovery…?

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All manufacturers always have some unsuccessful models and as a matter of fact the source of the problem often lies outside the disk. So, a question of reliability should look more like the following: “What disk has the most chances of successful recovery?” We tried to get the answer to this question from the leading engineer of ACE Lab, Mr. Sergey Yatsenko, whose eyes and hands saw and touched thousands of disks.

“More successful in terms of recovery (i.e. it us easier to match heads, comparatively low number of extremely complex nodes etc.) are the products of Seagate, Samsung, Hitachi-IBM (HGST), Fujitsu (2.5") and, perhaps, Toshiba (2.5"), although the latter has a nasty problem with leakage of spindle motor bearing because its cap is not welded, it is stuck... Though the Maxtor’s cap is stuck as well, it doesn’t create problems owing to its bigger thickness and size.

Then this list is followed by disks giving a lot of troubles during recovery, although they do not crash more often than the abovementioned devices.

Maxtor made us ‘happy’ with its buggy writing and instability of heads. For WDC it is extremely difficult to find match to its faulty heads and in some cases to restore service area functionality. On top of that they have static translator which leads to inability of reading user data if translator’s modules and services area defect tables are destroyed. Even though there is no more Quantum company, its disks continue to crash and they are virtually irrecoverable. The most effective, however not productive, recovery method is freezing. In some cases a disk, frozen under -10 Celsius, gives data after 30 mins. But bear in mind that this trick is not always successful. Replacement of heads in such disks is extremely complicated and for a three-heads (and more) disk it is virtually impossible (it is possible but it takes an impressive amount of man-hours and efforts). If someone still has Quantum AS, I strongly recommend to get rid of it. Maxtor and WDC do not seem to cope up well with their own flaws and difficulties... Naturally, it is difficult to provide an objective judgment, but I am judging from what I see.”

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