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How to avoid data loss

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b2ap3_thumbnail_iStock_000002857279XSmall_20130807-093302_1.jpgIf you have invested time and money to increase your computer performance by installing RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks), you need to invest some more time and efforts to maintain hard drives in your system. Following the below tips can help you minimize the need for data recovery in the future.

Número uno. If you copy information from old hard drives to those that are used in your array, please do not forget to keep old hard drive for some time. In this case, if you detect any malfunctions or errors on your RAID, you will still have your perfectly workable source data.

Número dos. Make sure that you select the level of disk array that best suits your needs. If you need faster read speed with extra potential, perhaps 1 level of disk array is your best option. This main horizontal level of RAID protects you against data loss using two hard disk drives duplicating each other. Although the cost per megabyte is much higher, increased speed and protection against data loss really worth it.

Número tres. If you install multi-user shared environment by creating RAID 3 or even RAID 5, perhaps, the latter will be the best choice in terms of speed and data protection. However, bear in mind that if your requirements concern write operations, there are better alternatives.

Número cuatro. If you choose between software-based RAID and computer hardware-based RAID, keep in mind that the latter arrays do not require software to launch, they have logic and are defect-prone. Choose the computer hardware-based RAID if you are ready to face problems!

Número cinco. Despite increased speed and performance, files can still lose organization and become damaged. Do not forget to use preferred software to review and check your hard drives on a regular basis.

Be smart, be patient and enjoy your RAID to the full extent!

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