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Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom DataRecoup - The Choice is Simple

Certified, State-of-the-Art, Class 10, ISO 4 Cleanroom

DataRecoup utilizes a fully certified and equipped Class 10 ISO 4 cleanroom for all data recovery services that require it in order to reliably ensure fast, delay-free results.

The use of a cleanroom is vital to many of the more complicated data loss scenarios and is a primary reason for which many service providers in the industry cannot achieve the same results that you can depend on from us.

A cleanroom is a pollutant and contaminant free, enclosed, isolated environment in which our technicians can perform advanced, complex data recovery that require extreme sensitivity when handling the components.

Why It’s Essential that Your Data Recovery Service Provider have a Cleanroom

In order to fully appreciate why it’s critical that we have a cleanroom facility, it helps to understand the extreme care and caution that must be exercised when handling hard drives and other related devices and components. Most hard drives make use of a read/write head and actuator arm assembly to access the data from the platters within the drive. The distance between that read/write head and the platter must be maintained at the same space of about several nanometers (dependent on the model).

In addition to controlling the temperature and humidity of the room as well as the air quality, all of our qualified, specialist data recovery technicians must wear special-purpose suits while operating in the cleanroom.

If the right precautions aren’t taken when the drive is opened, particles smaller than the distance the read/write head is from the platter can disrupt not only the recovery process, but permanently damage the device itself losing data forever!

Our Data Recovery Cleanroom Classification

At DataRecoup, our cleanroom has been certified as Class 10 ISO 4 meaning that our recovery service environment is permitted only 10 particles per cubic foot. Many data recovery companies have clean rooms, but they will tell you that the level of their clean room is not important. That is because they operate a ISO 5 or 6 clean room. In fact, many of our competitors use a Class 100 cleanroom, and attempt to convince you that is good enough.

They assume that you do not have enough information to judge if their cleanroom meets the standards you want when looking for a professional to work on your data. And they may be right; the class and ISO distinctions can be very confusing. Simply put, for each change in classification there are TEN TIMES more particles allowed per cubic foot. An ISO8 or Class 100,000 is the last classification for cleanrooms – the next step would be standard air in any room.

When you consider the scale and precision required to operate on most modern and legacy devices, 10 times more potential contaminants is not an acceptable risk. We feel it is essential for any provider to maintain no less than a Class 10 ISO 4 cleanroom in order to reliably deliver successful recovery results.

Your Data Storage Device has Failed You – What Next?

If your hard drive or SSD has suffered physical damage or is not performing even basic functions properly, then you should speak to our support specialists immediately before any more damage can be done and data becomes permanently lost. Any symptoms and signs of a physically failing device such as unusual noises, unexpected termination of operations, inability to boot, or extensive data corruption must be addressed in the proper manner – usually with the diagnostic and service being performed in a cleanroom environment.

If a data recovery service provider cannot provide you with proof of their cleanroom certification, then you should be extremely concerned with their ability to successfully recover your data. Many companies will attempt the service without one, but when it comes to data that you can’t afford to lose, it’s simply not worth the risk – don’t take any chances!

The DataRecoup Certified Cleanroom Advantage

  • Warranty protected service for virtually every make and model of hard drive
  • An over 90% successful data recovery record maintained annually
  • An online customer portal through which to view service progress, case information, etc.
  • A File Directory Viewer that will allow you to view the recovered data before you pay the quote for service
  • Free detailed, accurate diagnostic report

Our state-of-the-art cleanroom facilities are just one of the many advantages that we offer to our valued customers. Our commitment to not only successful results from difficult data loss scenarios, but to customer service as well is what makes DataRecoup a data recovery service industry leader year after year.

Delivering fast results at affordable rates from more than thirty offices nationwide, our specialist technicians are standing by 24/7/365 to put our certified cleanroom to use in recovering your data the right way – today! Call 1-800-726-5007!

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