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Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom DataRecoup - The Choice is Simple

Hard Drive, RAID Data Recovery in Alaska

It often happens so that inaccurate use of HDD can cause unnatural noises, crash or accident disk formatting. If you experience these or any other issues, or you consider your HDD to be “dead” soon, please feel free to contact DataRecoup!

Why choose DataRecoup

Data Recoup uses advanced data recovery tools and techniques, to repair, restore and reconstruct inaccessible data from all types of digital media devices.

We work for you in many cities of the United States like LA, San Diego, San Francisco and many other. Our offices have the most convenient location for the consumer, and you always may know which one is closest to you.

Our services

Data Recoup specialize in many different types of recoveries: HDDs, RAIDs, SQL, Mac, Database, Digital and others. Browse our assortment and choose which one suits you most of all! 


The history of our business goes back to 1997 and since then we achieved great progress in data retrieval. Having many representative lab offices in many cities all over Alaska, our professionals provide first-class data recovery services, bringing lost data back to great variety of clients. 

Many years of proven experience allowed them to achieve the top in data recovery industry. Strict principles and high quality became their motto. Trust your data to the best only as you are not going to trust someone you are not assured about. DataRecoup staff is always ready to assist the client both urgently and with high quality. We have Emergency Center which is open all time long, working without weekends and lunch breaks, and our service support team will help. If your hard drive requires special and urgent analysis or diagnostics, Data Recoup is exactly what you need! Your HDD is broken? You hear weird noise going from it? Its temperature is above that mentioned in technical specification? Do not hesitate and contact us. We will provide your device with rapid, qualitative and affordable support! Anytime and any day! Many years of skill and work in data recovery industry made us and our specialists the best in what we make for our clients. Moreover, there are great amount of famous brands like Guess, Starbucks etc. we worked for, and over 60.000 successful recoveries including complex ones. 

RAID arrays issues, DVDs, CDs, flash drives and many other data storage drives can experience issues every day. And the good thing is when user is aware about backup function. Then it is possible here to recover the data from cloned copy and preserve the information from failure. But not everyone knows about this option. Mostly, people address professionals when it is nearly late to do a thing with the drive. Having experienced an issue, do not hesitate to visit any of DataRecoup office and you will get expert support and qualitative service! 

Why it is so important to visit Data Recoup in case of your hard drive failure?

The answer is very simple. We are extremely qualified, responsible and accurate professionals in data retrieval field, and customers trust us. We appreciate the data you have on your hard drive and will treat it as confidential. Emails, financial documents and databases is a very sensitive information, and we will try to save every single byte of it. Our prime objective is to restore data in any way, and we deal with different OSs such as Windows, UNIX, Mac OS X, Linux and others. DataRecoup experts are always close to you to help!

Our Data Recovery Team

Data loss can be caused by many different reasons, both natural and as a consequence of human error. Data Recoup deal with both cases. We have a team of well-trained experts, diagnosticians and engineers, who have broad and large recovery skill in RAID, USB, SATA (II, III), SCSI, NAS and other configurations and databases. The type of medium is not important; we deal with almost every kind of carrier.

The technology becomes better and better year after year. Engineers increase drive capacity, security systems, drive protection from failure and many other option to make your device fast, secured and affordable. But nevertheless, it is not the panacea from crash of failure of your disk drive. Nowadays Data Recoup possesses most progressive, advanced and updated data recovery technology. You think your data sank into oblivion? No way! Until you address our data retrieval service! Satisfaction of our client is the best reward for us, and we will do our best to achieve it!

The combination of unique and non-standard approach to issue solving, constant client support and attractive prize conditions make Data Recoup among the best all over the world! Our engineers are ready to save and protect your data from any kind of loss and type of damage. Trust the best and forget the rest!

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