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Welcome to Shelton, CT, a city of Fairfield County that manages to be both relaxed and bustling at the same time. Home to over 40,000 residents, Shelton gives you the cozy suburban feel of a small town, while offering plenty of restaurants, shops, and outdoor activities for everyone. The public schools are rated above average and most Shelton residents own their own homes.

While violent crime is rare in Shelton, crimes committed through technology are not. A resident was recently charged with possession of child pornography. There have been several reports of a scammer calling people claiming to be Shelton Detective Richard Bango and requesting gift cards. The tricky part is that the number that shows up on caller ID is the actual number to the police department.

It's a scary feeling when scammers can impersonate people who we trust, such as police officers. The important job of computer forensic specialists is highlighted in these cases. These technicians know how to navigate all types of data information to ferret out the proof they need to find the people responsible for these crimes and hold them accountable.

Have you ever had your computer crash? Imagine if the city's entire computer system crashed at the same time. You may not realize how many of a city's important functions are dependent on these computers and servers. Utilities, police and fire departments, schools, and local government would all come to a standstill if the system was not repaired immediately.

This is where DataRecoup can help. Our specialists are trained in all areas of data recovery. We can even find information on devices that have broken or seem unrepairable. We can recover data from any of the following:

  • Databases
  • VMWare / HyperV
  • RAID Servers
  • HDD / SSD, even if the devices are damaged
  • All brands of laptops and desktops
  • Android and iOS mobile devices

When you need important data recovered, don't waste another minute. Give us a call today. We have technicians right here in Shelton that can retrieve the data you need to keep going.

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