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Recovering Lost Data in Delray Beach, FL

Delray Beach, FL, is a nice place to retire. It's warm and sunny with easy access to the beaches. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, and outdoor activities to keep the residents busy. It has more of a suburban feel than a big-city vibe. Young professionals with families, as well as retirees, can live here with ease.

Unfortunately, seniors are often a target for scams, especially of the digital type. Older residents tend to be more trusting and don't understand all of the technology that exists today. They may not realize that it's not a good idea to give personal or financial information over the phone. While serious violent crimes are not frequent in Delray Beach, there are plenty of theft, forgery, and other scams that keep the police department busy.

The advent of technology has also led to the formation of ways to uncover information that criminals want to keep hidden. When you put a talented computer forensic technician on the case, uncovering a perpetrator's secrets is quite easy. From uncovering deleted text messages and photos, to checking security cameras for identification of the perpetrator, a computer forensic technician is key to these investigations.

Whether it's a personal issue, such as losing all of your photos, or a business-reated issue such as embezzlement, the experts at are here to help. We are trained to keep all investigations secure and confidential. Whether the problem is large or small, we can assist you in recovering the data you need. Every single one of our technicians are engineers, certified by Microsoft and GSA licensed. Your data and data recovery are in good hands with our team.

We can recover data from pretty much any source, including:

  • RAID servers Includes RAID 0, 1 and 5
  • HDD / SSD Even if the device is damaged, we can recover your data
  • VMware / Hyper-V We perform non-disruptive testing of your centralized recovery systems
  • Laptops / Desktops Year, make and model doesn't matter-we service them all
  • Databases We can reconstruct all or part of the contents of your database and repair the backup files
  • Mobile Devices We have advanced software that can recover any of your mobile data.

It's important to call for help as soon you realize you have a problem. The sooner our engineers can access the device, the higher the chance we can recover the lost data. We are now here in Delray Beach to serve you.

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