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Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom DataRecoup - The Choice is Simple

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Have you ever faced the problem of data loss? It is one of the most depressing problem for us. We live in the century of computer technologies. Most of us have got used to keeping all our personal and work information on hard disks and flash cards. No matter, what type or model of hard drive you use, we can’t be insured against unpredictable data loss. Unfortunately, it happens very often. It a disastrous thing for us. All our work stops at once. Moreover, data loss is not only lost files and photos. It is loss of time, effort and resources as well. Data loss is a real emergency. Like any other emergency the situation of data loss requires urgent help of specialists. Only professional help is the right solution. Only correct steps will recover your pictures, projects, entertainment, academic studies and financial records. Never deal with unprofessional interference. Otherwise, you will lose all your information forever. Most people feel a strong desire to recover their data by themselves. You’d better not make such a mistake. The process of recovery requires expert knowledge and specialized tool. Your unsuccessful attempts will only decrease all your chances for improving the situation.

Our services

Data Recoup are intended to work out different kinds of data loss. They have already succeeded in thousands of recoveries of hard drive crash or accidental formatting.

DataRecoup deals with various types of media such as hard drives, flash media, RAID systems, optical media, SAN and NAS devices and SSDs. For more than fifteen years data recovery services have been helping a great number of business in New York to recover their lost information. 


Why choose Data Recoup?

Take security, turnaround times and success rates into consideration. Data Recoup company offers all residents of New York and the bordering states New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts to get fast data recovery.

Data Recoup never stops its development. The company invests thousands of dollars in research of advanced technologies. It replenishes the latest data recovery tools to outfit its facilities. As a result the company can take a pride in its advanced equipment and very smart team of professionals. Another reason for Data Recoup popularity among DataRecoup NY companies is Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanrooms. These are specially created environments of high-filtration. They prevent all the media including hard drives from any contaminants located in the air. Among other DataRecoup NY services is SSAE 16 Type II certified 24/7/365. This emergency service gives clients immediate priority. They also can count on constant care. People who live near New York City can become emergency data recovery clients. They can take advantage of local drop-off and pickup services.

Data Recoup offer their clients the latest network security practices. Data Recoup will protect your financial information and personal data. Thus, you needn’t afraid of malicious programmers and hackers. You can make the best of the following Data Recoup security certifications:

  • HIPAA compliance certification is necessary for health care providers. It simplifies contracting process and gives a provider a peace of mind.
  • PCI-DSS compliance certification is based on regular test of networks. We check if they fully comply with federal regulations on financial data. PCI-DSS requires compliance of all New York businesses.
  • FERPA compliance certification is intended for New York educational institutions (universities and schools). 
  • SAS 70 and SSAE 16 Type II certification is popular with Fortune 100 businesses due to its reliable check security qualification. 
  • GSA Certified DataRecoup is intended for helping government facilities and offices.

How do Data Recoup services work?

Each work on a certain case starts with several harmless test. They contain minimum invasion. A client gets a free of charge initial diagnostic report. It determines the condition of the storage media. This report also estimates turnaround time and includes costs. Professional representatives of customer services explains the situation to client. Thus, you can always help make a reasonable choice for each case.

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