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Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom DataRecoup - The Choice is Simple

Fast, Secure Data Recovery in Seattle

Did your data disappear? Does your home computer refuse to start up? Did you accidentally delete precious family documents or crucial business records? DataRecoup offers reliable, expert data recovery and other services to businesses and individuals in Seattle.

Even if a computer, phone or other electronic device is damaged, our experts usually can repair and recover the data from it. Since 2003, we have built a strong reputation for high data recovery success rates, customized services, fast turnarounds and certified security credentials.

Think of all the precious data on your phone or hard drive: Family photos taken during days at the Space Needle or Pike Place Market, transcripts from the University of Washington or Seattle University, all of your vital business and personal contacts, important client lists and more. Such losses are inconvenient, even heartbreaking. For a business, they can be devastating. But do not worry. We can help you get your data back.

Our certified digital experts can repair, recover and restore data from a wide variety of digital media:

  • Hard drives
  • External drives
  • Laptops
  • RAID arrays
  • Cell phones
  • SSD drives
  • Other devices

Why Choose Our Data Recovery Services?

Here is why DataRecoup stands above the competition:

  • Our services are risk-free. We even offer a free diagnostic evaluation.
  • We can take on any recovery job, from the desktop computer you use at home to the RAID 5 server at a Fortune 500 business.
  • Our state-of-the-art facilities include Class 10 ISO 4 certified cleanrooms and the most sophisticated tools, software and techniques.
  • We provide guaranteed secure, confidential services. Our Type 2 SOC 2 certification is awarded only to companies with systems in place that are proven to secure sensitive information.
  • We offer emergency service options for customers who need to recover crucial, time-sensitive data. In such cases, we can recover your data within 24 hours.

If Your Device Fails, Shut Off Power and Call Us

Don’t try to operate a computer or other device if it fails. Using the device may harm the chances of a successful data recovery. Call us right away. Our customer service associates are available at around the clock, every day, 24/7/365. Call (360) 358-7020 to reach one of our Seattle locations. We’ll get your data back, fast.

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