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Specializing in Apple and Mac data recovery means much more than just getting your data back. It means getting your data back quickly and easily in it's native format from people that understand how important your Mac is to your life.

Although Apple technology is fairly resistant to viruses, there is still some risk that your Mac will be attacked. Our data recovery gurus keep up-to-date with all emerging Apple technology, so that they can successfully recover data should your drive crash or your system be hacked.

You can rest assured that our high-tech labs are more than capable of recovering data from the different types of hard disk drives in Apple Macs.

Common error messages that can indicate an impending Apple hard disk drive crash include:

  • Internal file system error.
  • This disk is unreadable by this computer. Do you want to initialize the disk?
  • Cannot access because a disk error occurred.
  • The disk cannot be accessed because a disk error occurred.
  • No such volume.
  • Directory not found.
  • Not an HFS volume.
  • Segment Loader Error.
  • Bad file name.
  • Not a Macintosh disk.
  • Bad master directory block.
  • Drive not installed.
  • R/W (Read / Write) requested for an off-line drive.

What to Do When Apple Computer Systems Lose Data

Properly diagnosing your drive’s condition is the most important part of recovering files from MAC hard drives and SSDs. Preservation of the condition your storage media is in, when we receive it, is first priority.  Knowing how not to make a situation worse is important in data recovery.

Our engineers are available to speak to you and give you a free phone consultation. You can also take advantage of our expedited evaluation services to determine what is required to recover your files.

For urgent OS X recovery services, we are here to help you 7 days a week. We understand your data is important.

Our job is to get you up and running within the shortest time possible. Contact us anytime or send us an online quote request and get an answer within hours.

Our Apple data recovery services provide:

  • Ship your device for service for FREE
  • Give you a FREE detailed diagnostic report
  • Provide a plan for service with a no-obligation quote
  • Earn your trust and satisfaction with dedicated expert customer service
  • Keep you updated throughout with frequent service status reports

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