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What is Encryption?

Encryption is the process of encoding messages or information so that only authorized parties can access or read it. For technical purposes, an encryption pattern typically uses a semi-random encryption key, which is generated by an algorithm. Nearly every business uses some type of encryption to protect its confidential information.

Challenges to Deciphering Encryption

Deciphering encrypted text can be very challenging and time consuming. Although encryption has its advantages for protection and security, it also presents some challenges for recovering data, even at the professional level. Data recovery engineers need to use extreme caution and avoid practices that could cause further damage to the media when encrypted data is indecipherable. It is imperative that safety controls are strictly enforced throughout the process, and that sector-by-sector copies are made of all media before beginning the decryption process.

How DataRecoup Can Help

DataRecoup offers a variety of professional media services for all types of encrypted data. Our trained technicians use advanced computational resources and skill to decrypt these messages. If you are trying to decipher message content that is blocked by encryption, we can decrypt it.

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