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Solid State Drive (SSD) Data Recovery

The dynamically developing market of computer technologies offer consumers more and more sophisticated ways to store information. And now, manufacturers offer a new type of storage device, the Solid State Drive. This device requires its own approach when dealing with the recovery of data.

The advantages of a non-volatile, rewritable memory device with no moving mechanical parts, using the flash SSD compared to a conventional hard drive are obvious. These include high mechanical reliability, no moving parts, high read and write speeds, lower weight, lower power consumption, others. There are drawbacks to these devices as well. All electronics will eventually break, SSDs are no exception. In addition to physical damage, in which access to user data is not possible, there are logical damage possibilities as well. During these access to the contents of memory sectors is inhibited. DataRecoup Company has more than fifteen years of experience in the market of data recovery. During this time we have observed that SSD recovery is more laborious and lengthy than with other storage media such as hard disks, flash memory, etc. Despite the complexity of the retrieval process for SSDs, we can offer various options for data recovery from this type of storage device. And due to the fact that the SSD imposes far more stringent requirements for all characteristics (reliability, speed, etc.) than other mobile media, technology and methods of working with the data used in them are quite complex. We employ a wide range of technological solutions, the best specialists and equipped laboratories ensure the fastest possible and effective solution to restore critical information. Our engineers are in regular contact with leading scientists and research centers all over the world, specializing in computer technology and recovery advances. In turn, this allows us to retain market leadership in IT technologies and offer a wide range of data recovery options.

DataRecoup began research and technological analysis of SSDs immediately with their appearance on the market. Now we have great knowhow and exclusive methods for the recovery of SSDs. Our experts can also recommend how to further avoid any problems in using SSDs and other storage media.

The success of recovery for different types of errors depends on the actions of the user. More precisely, on the inactions. Attempting to restore information using various automated tools and built-in operating system utilities very often leads to changes, after which it becomes impossible to recover data. Therefore, the faster the user were to turn to professionals, the greater the chance of recovery. Another factor affecting the chances of recovery is the professionalism and experience of the specialist who will address the problem. Very much depends on the quality of diagnosis and analysis of the data scan. Only after this is achieved, should a recovery firm be considered. All these processes are carried out manually. That's why so much depends on the expert involved. In this case, we can maximize the chances of restoring the lost information, and perform our work in the shortest possible time.