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What is VMware Virtualization and What Does it Do?

Virtualization technology allows us to create a virtual computer that can run through your computer. It is the most effective way to decrease IT expenses while increasing efficiency and agility for businesses of all sizes. Other advantages to VMware Virtualization are:

  • Ability to run several applications and operating systems simultaneously on the same physical server.
  • Increased responsiveness
  • Reduced business operating costs and capital
  • Ability to run software a copmputer would not otherwise be able to run
  • Increased security and efficiency.
  • Enhanced IT productivity

How can VMware Result in Data Loss?

It is possible for the data stored in the VMware Workstation virtual machine to be exposed to filesystem or virtual disk corruption and become unavailable. Virtual disk corruption may result from physical damage to the underlying physical disk drive. Data corruption may be influenced by a number of factors, including system memory, operating system, or an incorrect shutdown of the system. Potential physical damage includes exposure to extreme or catastrophic conditions, impairment to the power surge circuits/parts, abuse from being dropped or mishandled, hardware failure, network administrative error, software corruption, failure of the drive, wear and tear of the equipment or a number of other means. Any of these factors can result in VMware data loss or damage.

How DataRecoup Can Help

It is essential to seek professional services for this type of recovery, as improper usage could have permanent consequences. If you install the recovery software or write the recovered data or anything else on the virtual or physical disk from which you are trying to recover data, or allow use of the disk from which you are trying to recover data, you will significantly reduce the chances of ever recovering the lost data.

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